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AI Farm Manager
Automated AI defect detection system for wind turbines
What is AI Farm Manager?
Wind turbines, drones, flaw detection - how is it all connected?
Steel giants
Wind turbines are one of the most environmentally friendly sources of electricity.

Modern models of windmills consist of metal, concrete and load-bearing structures, and their blades are made from lightweight and durable polymer composites.
Everyone needs care
But even the strongest material tends to wear out. Any small crack is a harbinger of a serious deformation of the structure.

To prevent damage to the windmill, it is necessary to carry out flaw detection in time and find the slightest damage.
How did you deal with this before?
To check the windmill manually, you need to stop it for the whole day and hire a person with climbing equipment. This process can take a whole day.

The problem of losses from a long stop of windmills during their inspection prompted the customer to contact us.

Our solution
We have developed an automated system for checking wind turbines - AI Farm Manager

With the help of drones, machine learning technologies and computer vision, the user of the system will be able to reduce the time for checking wind turbines by 9 times.
How it works?
Shooting blades with a drone
The assistant application allows the operator to control the drone
and take pictures of the wind turbine blades:

- automatic stabilization of the drone camera;
- video broadcast from a drone
via WiFi;
- management of focusing and shooting parameters in high resolution;
- transmission of telemetry.
Single work space
The "AI Wind Defect Detection" web portal is a workspace for inspectors, defect specialists and wind farm owners:

- automatic search for defects in the images of wind turbines;
- defect editor for manual marking and detailed description of each blade damage;
- automatic stitching of photos into a single image;
- formation of a report to the owner of the windmill.
Automatic search for defects
The special neural network processes the images taken by the drone, stitches them into one large image and automatically finds defects.

Experts can edit and supplement the results of an automated check.
Benefits of AI Farm Manager
The system helps owners of wind turbines
  • Speed up the monitoring process
    Automated defect detection is 9 times faster than "manual inspection".
  • Reducing losses from downtime by 3 times
    Wind turbine owners will no longer incur losses associated with stopping equipment during an inspection.
  • Improving the quality of verification
    Machine learning and computer vision technologies make it possible to detect the slightest structural damage that would be difficult for a person to notice.
  • Saving money on staffing
    For a manual check, you need to spend money on training a windmill inspector to work at height in climbing equipment.
    For automated testing, the inspector only needs to be trained to fly the drone.
  • Risk reduction
    With automated verification, risks are significantly reduced. No expert needs to get up and check everything manually anymore, putting their lives in danger.
Why us?
  • We are trusted by clients from all over the world
    We work with partners from the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Germany.
  • Project support
    We provide warranty service and further support of all developments after implementation.
  • 14 years of experience in development
    Implemented 200+ projects: web services, mobile applications, computer vision systems, services using artificial intelligence.
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