The main expertise of our team is software development. We have worked in this field since 2009 and already implemented more than 40 projects in different areas, from warehouse accounting and everyday operations automation to scientific programs in high-performance computing. You can see the most important ones in our portfolio.

All-Russian Student School in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Computer vision

Singularis Lab takes part in the organization and sponsorship of the annual All-Russian Student School in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Computer vision, which is held at the Computer Science Department of Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU) supported by Intel and Nizhny Novgorod Foundation for Education and Research. The master classes and trainings are held at the school are focused on intensive study and practical learning of modern aspects of programming and the use of embedded systems, robotics and computer vision algorithms in various fields. More information is available at the official website

Research and Development

in the realm of computer technology and its application for solving technical, engineering and management problems


Habr: How we wrote the application on NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon

An article  about how our young specialists Vlad Plotnikov and Oleg Borodin wrote an application on the NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon appeared in the Singularis Lab habr.com blog the other day. Recall that their task  at the hackathon was formulated as follows - “Apply crowdsourcing so that people can contribute to the detection, confirmation and tracking of forest fires.” The solution could be either a web or a mobile application. In the publication, the guys tried to describe all the difficulties that they had to encounter during the development process, described the principle of the application, the technology stack used and…


Another Singularis Lab team member now is a Microsoft Certified Professional!

At the end of last week, Singularis Lab team memeber Roman Guschin was successfully certified by Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Program (MCPD). MCPD certification program confirms the professional qualifications of IT professionals, their knowledge of the set of skills that are needed for the successful design, builiding and implementation of applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework. According to the results of the certification, Roman is considered to be a certified professional in the field of Microsoft technologies and a certified specialist in the field of programming in C #. On behalf of the Singularis Lab team, we…


Report about Firebase

Working days at Singularis Lab is not only about software development, but also includes knowledge sharing between team members. In early November our colleague, Gleb Agafonov, presented  to our team a report on acquaintance with the cloud mobile platform Google Firebase, which provides tools for developing mobile applications. During the report, Gleb highlighted the advantages of using the site, focused on the authentication service, the Firestore cloud database and the mobile SDK  – ML Kit., with which you can add powerful machine learning functions to applications. The report is already available in the materials category on the company’s website.  


Singularis Lab teammates - prizewinners of the Huawei Honorcup Marathon

In early October, the Honorcup Marathon competition held by media giant Huawei took place on the Codeforces site. Singularis Lab was represented in this competition by 2 teams who successfully performed and won prizes. The task of Honorcup Marathon was to develop a new method for determining blood pressure. The standard measurement procedure is quite complicated, so finding simpler ways to estimate diastolic and systolic pressures is quite a priority task. Participation was possible both individually and as part of a team of up to three people. From Singularis Lab participated: # 1: Oleg Shapovalov (“silver”); # 2: Kataev Alexander,…


Singularis lab teammates at the international hackathon

On October 20, our employees, Vladislav Plotnikov and Oleg Borodin, took part in the Space Apps Challenge 2018, an annual international hackathon that captures cities and countries all around the world. In 2018, the event also was held in Moscow and our colleagues went exactly there. The main theme of the Space Apps Challenge 2018 was the use of the latest technologies in machine learning and computer vision for a given topic - the study of climate change on Earth. Upon arrival, our young specialists found like-minded people and formed a team. After choosing a catchy name, “Space Monkeys”, they…

Our achievements

Our partners

T-FLEX Parametric CAD unites powerful parametric 3D modeling functionality with the parametric drafting and drawing production toolset.
Nizhny Novgorod State University named by Lobachevsky, National Research Institute
The Microsoft BizSpark program provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and entrepreneurs.
GALS Soft — technological company, that specializes in project management and design of complex systems in mobile applications.
Volgograd river port - one of the largest river port in Russia on the Volga river.
The software development company ComponentAce, is dedicated to providing effective and economical solutions to individual developers as well as to small, medium and large-scale business.
Terralife - full service advertising agency, working in the Russian market for almost 20 years.
Geofiztehnika LLC produces a wide range of ground and borehole geophysical equipment.
BrightArch AS is an independent private limited company that provides organizational transformation solutions.