The main expertise of our team is software development. We have worked in this field since 2009 and already implemented more than 40 projects in different areas, from warehouse accounting and everyday operations automation to scientific programs in high-performance computing. You can see the most important ones in our portfolio.

All-Russian Student School in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Computer vision

Singularis Lab takes part in the organization and sponsorship of the annual All-Russian Student School in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Computer vision, which is held at the Computer Science Department of Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU) supported by Intel and Nizhny Novgorod Foundation for Education and Research. The master classes and trainings are held at the school are focused on intensive study and practical learning of modern aspects of programming and the use of embedded systems, robotics and computer vision algorithms in various fields. More information is available at the official website

Research and Development

in the realm of computer technology and its application for solving technical, engineering and management problems


OrgWeaver: Planning the second version

We have been supporting and releasing updates of the web application OrgWeaver for more than 5 years. The app was developed for our Norwegian partner BrightArch. This application is designed to simplify the work of HR specialists when reorganizing employees into a new structure. During this time, the project has had many changes, including migration from the desktop to the web-version. This year, the transition of the web application to the second version has been planned. So in the beginning of March our colleagues, Victor Shapovalov, Aleksey Zhuravlev and Dmitry Kryzhanovsky, took part in a three-day business meeting with CEO…


Open lectures in Bormio Rotary Club

CEO at Singularis Lab, Dmitry Kryzhanovskiy, and leading software engineer Alexander Kataev, conducted open lectures at the intellectual club Rotary in Bormio (Lombardy, Italy) on March 12 - 13. They were invited by our partner, company Helvetis. Rotary International Club has many branches around the world. It is engaged in scientific and educational activities among all strata of the population. The following topics were in the agenda of the March lectures Rotary Club in Bormio: the use of UAVs in the case of inspections of wind turbines (Paolo Brianzoni, CEO at Helvetis); basics of professional drones design and construction and…


Lecture “Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies”

Singularis Lab engineers conducted a public lecture on "Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies" on March 4th. The lecture took place within the framework of "SciPopular" course of Intellectual Leisure School in the creative business space LOFT1890. The lecturers talked what virtual and augmented reality were, reviewed the evolution of devices and software in this area, and demonstrated examples of the latest developments. Each of the participants could personally plunge into the augmented and virtual reality and felt the differences between those technologies. To do this, our engineers used Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality glasses, Hiper VRR virtual reality glasses, which worked…


Invitation for the lecture “VR and AR technologies”

Lecture “Virtual and augmented reality technologies” will be held by Singularis Lab team and with the support of “School of Intellectual Leisure” in March 4th at 4:00 p.m.. The lecture will be conducted at Creative business space LOFT1890 in Volgograd. Virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) reality technologies have passed a long way, from giant rooms with multitude of wire-bound stands to compact devices. Our engineers will talk about the differences between VR and AR, about the history of augmented and virtual realities, problems that were overcome in the course of technology development and difficulties to be faced. The lecturers will…


Winter UAV testing in Switzerland

Aerial wind turbine inspections can be conducted in different seasons and it is important to be prepared for it. Our engineers, Shapovalov Oleg and Filimonov Aleksey, carried out field testing of the software for our partner Helvetis in Switzerland in the end of January. This time the tests were hold at snow-covered fields at minus temperature. It was necessary to make sure that equipment operates well and to test the new wireless UAV data link used by us first time. During the equipment debugging and wind turbine inspection simulations, the new link allowed to stream video and telemetry from the…

Our achievements

Our partners

T-FLEX Parametric CAD unites powerful parametric 3D modeling functionality with the parametric drafting and drawing production toolset.
Nizhny Novgorod State University named by Lobachevsky, National Research Institute
The Microsoft BizSpark program provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and entrepreneurs.
GALS Soft — technological company, that specializes in project management and design of complex systems in mobile applications.
Volgograd river port - one of the largest river port in Russia on the Volga river.
The software development company ComponentAce, is dedicated to providing effective and economical solutions to individual developers as well as to small, medium and large-scale business.
Terralife - full service advertising agency, working in the Russian market for almost 20 years.
Geofiztehnika LLC produces a wide range of ground and borehole geophysical equipment.
BrightArch AS is an independent private limited company that provides organizational transformation solutions.