The main expertise of our team is software development. We have worked in this field since 2009 and already implemented more than 40 projects in different areas, from warehouse accounting and everyday operations automation to scientific programs in high-performance computing. You can see the most important ones in our portfolio.

All-Russian Student School in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Computer vision

Singularis Lab takes part in the organization and sponsorship of the annual All-Russian Student School in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Computer vision, which is held at the Computer Science Department of Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU) supported by Intel and Nizhny Novgorod Foundation for Education and Research. The master classes and trainings are held at the school are focused on intensive study and practical learning of modern aspects of programming and the use of embedded systems, robotics and computer vision algorithms in various fields. More information is available at the official website

Research and Development

in the realm of computer technology and its application for solving technical, engineering and management problems


We invite you to IT Meetup #3

On July 21, at the IT-34 Community’s third meetup, our specialist Oleg Shapovalov will present his lecture on the experience of using Docker.At the event, in addition to the Oleg’s speech, there will be presented lectures, focused on relevant for the information community topics. • Features of remote work in IT (Maxim Gatilin, Soshace); • Machine learning. Simply. (Alexey Shkarupa, INTERVALGA); • Smart contracts of Solidity (Sergey Ukustov, Machine); • Experience of using Docker (Oleg Shapovalov, Singularis Lab); In addition to fascinating lectures, the participants will enjoy live communication with like-minded people and an inexpressible atmosphere. Our representatives will be…


CEBIT 2018

On June 11-15, one of the largest international exhibitions dedicated to innovations and new products in the area of information and communication technologies - CEBIT 2018 was held in Hanover, Germany. The main hall of CEBIT 2018 From Singularis Lab this exhibition was visited by Mikhail Popitich and Yulia Kireeva. Our representatives Representatives of Singularis Lab visited all kinds of exhibition sections, contacted with representatives of the world's largest IT companies, got familiar with the global trends of the IT community. The participants of this exhibition were such companies as HP, IBM, Boston Dynamics, Intel, Vodafone, and others.The main symbol of…


The second IT Meetup in Volgograd

Our engineer participated in the conducting of the second Volgograd IT Meetup by iT-34 community on May 26. More than 80 developers gathered on the platform to hear reports of the invited speakers: Development and testing of smart contracts, Alexander Kirillov, CTO @ Evrone (Saratov); Experience of employment of SCRUM (Things to do on project when you`re scrummaster), Maxim Baltaev, project manager at EPAM Systems (Saratov); From monolith to micro services, Aleksey Bugrov, development manager of Transcontainer (Volgograd); Experience of using Octopus, Anatoly Kryzhanovsky, leading software engineer at Singularis Lab; Ready to use image classifier, Aleksey Alekseev, software engineer at…


Habr blog: Use of word embedding to correct typos

Today the paper “Misspelling correction with word embedding” is published in Singularis Lab Habrablog by our engineer Aleksey Alekseev. The article is devoted to the using of word embedding to correct misspellings. The author shares theoretical and practical parts of this method, shows how to use features of the FastText word embedding for this task.. 


.NET conference DotNext 2018 Piter

Three Singularis Lab engineers visited Russia's largest conference dedicated to development on the platform .NET DotNext 2018 Piter in St. Petersburg on April 22-23.   Left: Singularis Lab engineers (from left to right: Ilya Niklyaev, Natalia Usacheva, Roman Guschin). Right: report by Dylan Beattie. First of all, we note the saturation of the program - here you could find reports, live discussions with experts, contests and entertainment from the sponsors of the conference, and the incredible party where you could find useful contacts.   Left: report by Jeremy Likness. Right: discussion zone. The conference reports were held in parallel in three halls…

Our achievements

Our partners

T-FLEX Parametric CAD unites powerful parametric 3D modeling functionality with the parametric drafting and drawing production toolset.
Nizhny Novgorod State University named by Lobachevsky, National Research Institute
The Microsoft BizSpark program provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and entrepreneurs.
GALS Soft — technological company, that specializes in project management and design of complex systems in mobile applications.
Volgograd river port - one of the largest river port in Russia on the Volga river.
The software development company ComponentAce, is dedicated to providing effective and economical solutions to individual developers as well as to small, medium and large-scale business.
Terralife - full service advertising agency, working in the Russian market for almost 20 years.
Geofiztehnika LLC produces a wide range of ground and borehole geophysical equipment.
BrightArch AS is an independent private limited company that provides organizational transformation solutions.