CEBIT 2018

publication date: July 12, 2018

On June 11-15, one of the largest international exhibitions dedicated to innovations and new products in the area of information and communication technologies - CEBIT 2018 was held in Hanover, Germany.


The main hall of CEBIT 2018

From Singularis Lab this exhibition was visited by Mikhail Popitich and Yulia Kireeva.


Our representatives

Representatives of Singularis Lab visited all kinds of exhibition sections, contacted with representatives of the world's largest IT companies, got familiar with the global trends of the IT community. The participants of this exhibition were such companies as HP, IBM, Boston Dynamics, Intel, Vodafone, and others.

The main symbol of the exhibition was the 60-meter Ferris wheel, erected by the German software corporation - SAP. This construction clearly demonstrated not only the greatness of the exhibition but also showcased concrete examples of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and many other projects.


SAP Ferris Wheel

The main theme of the exhibition was artificial intelligence. Various products were presented on the basis of self-learning programs. Representatives of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM presented examples of real industrial prototypes and devices based on self-learning systems. The future development of voice assistants and guarded self-learning complexes was demonstrated. In addition to developments based on artificial intelligence, more products and programs were presented on the following key topics:

• VR and AR;
• Blockchain;
• Future mobility;
• Drones and unmanned systems;
• Internet of things;
• Robotics;
• Cloud-based technologies.


Speakers of CEBIT 2018

Future of data transferring, trading technologies and marketing services were presented for participants of the exhibition. The development of remote control of things using networks of the 5th generation was presented into the bargain.
In addition to exhibition pavilions with real and future products, CEBIT 2018 visitors were invited to listen to lectures and presentations from leading experts in the Internet business, data analysis, modeling and cyber defense.

The scale 11 platform, which presented more than 340 projects from 40 countries, made the exhibition the largest event for startups in Europe.

Panel session on scale11

This year the exhibition was held in a new format - a business festival. Its program included open-air concerts of local musicians, DJ sets, drone show. For all visitors, there was a food court.


Indie-rock band "Giant Rooks"

As a result, our employees do not only received information about global trends and products in the IT business but also had a good time at the exhibition.

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