Conversations AI 2019

publication date: July 8, 2019

The Conversations AI conference held on June 27-28 in Solo Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge was remarkable by chatbots, voice assistants, "Alice", a delicious coffee break and much more. Conversations AI is a conference dedicated to conversational AI (Artificial intelligence).

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 Alexey Filimonov

Our colleagues Alexander Katayev and Aleksey Filimonov visited the second day of the conference, namely, the Developers' Day. This day was dedicated to the development of chatbots, discussion of successful and unsuccessful solutions, features of different dialogue platforms.

2 Conversations AI

Our engineers got interested in the report on "The implementation of text classification and information search with the BERT language model" (lecturer - Denis Antyukhov, Sberbank). After the presentation, Alexander and Aleksei talked to the lecturer and received answers to the questions related to the current project of Singularis Lab.

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Denis Antukhov, Sberbank

We cannot but highlight the report of Sergei Ponomarenko from EORA dedicated to the topic "When chatbots're pushing the limits: how we use computer vision to solve customer's issues". Sergei demonstrated the chatbot as an interface between the client and computer vision system, as well as a chatbot for the recognition of printed and handwritten particles of molecules. For example, chemists often draw molecular structures with a pen on paper and for subsequent work it is necessary to have them in the digital format. A special software is created particularly for drawing in the electronic form.

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Sergei Ponomarenko, EORA

The event was organized at a high level, while the delicious coffee break deserves a special gratitude!

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It is pleasant to know that our country holds such events. We are confident that our specialists will apply this knowledge in current and future projects. 

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