A day long a week - it's a programmer's day!

publication date: September 20, 2021

For a whole week from 13 to 19 September, Singularis Lab had one and the same day - the day of the programmer!

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Why September 13? Programmer's Day is always celebrated on the 256th day of the year. In a common year, it is September 13th. The number 256 (2 to the 8th power) was chosen because it is the number of different values ​​that can be expressed with an eight-bit byte. It is also the maximum integer power of 2, which does not exceed the number of days in a year (365 or 366). Officially in Russia, Programmer's Day has been celebrated since 2011.

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Why a week? Because the day of the programmer in Singularis lasted for 7 whole days. At the beginning of the week, the singular team gathered almost its full complement in the office to build bridges of "paper and sticks" and drop batteries. Then we got together for board games several times. And at the end of the festive week, we went to the camp site to fry the meat and successfully eliminate it together.

All this, by the way, is clearly visible in our Instagram in photos and videos.

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