Dotnext 2020: no delays

publication date: July 23, 2020


At the very beginning of self-imposed isolation, we were dreaming of downloading this “game” with a save dated to the beginning of 2020 and preparing for everything in advance.

But even without the magic “save”, people gradually adapted to new conditions. A part of our life was successfully transferred to online at a rapid pace. Including popular conferences.

The singular team is a frequent guest of the DotNext conference organized by JUG Ru Group and dedicated to the development on the .NET platform. And the event planned for the summer was not an exception.


Let’s go online

 After the introduction of the self-imposed isolation mode, DotNext was announced in the online format. Organizers carefully offered several options for exchanging already purchased tickets:

● to replace the ticket with the Full Pass version, which included all 8 conferences by JUG Ru Group;

● to replace the ticket with any conference in the autumn season;

● to get refund;

● own custom version. 





"Conferences held from June 15 to July 10 include almost a month of reports.
Therefore, I was interested in the possibility to get access to 8 events,
in order not to get hung up on one DotNext. So I chose the first option."


Vladislav Smirnov,
Software Engineer, Singularis Lab



Reports are broadcast via JUG Ru streaming platform. Recordings of reports become available in one's own personal account on the day after the end of the conference. The JUG Ru team promptly takes care of participants. After collecting feedback, the player has a convenient opportunity to speed up the recording of a speech.




“For me, this is the first DotNext conference and immediately in a new format.
I think it is even cooler in the offline mode, but organizers have offered decent alternatives.”


Vladislav Smirnov,
Software Engineer, Singularis Lab



Of all the reports, Vlad highlighted "gRPC and its implementation in .Net Core" by Ivan Patudin and "Differentiation of responsibility between processor cores" by Stanislav Sidristy.

Online is rapidly developing in the post-pandemic era. Many innovations can be applied later and in a live format. For example, cinematic presentations with Apple WWDC 2020.

Due to this reason, the upcoming offline events will not only be long-awaited, but also promise to reach a new level. JUG Ru Group conferences are not an exception. Especially with such a background of offline events.


Online mode is good, but Offline is even better.


 The format of Dotnext and other conferences by JUG RU Group remained unchanged until the pandemic. Last year, DotNext continuously delighted its participants in a live mode for two days. The option to attend the event in an online format was already available for everyone.


It looks like this guy knew about the pandemic in advance in November 2019.

Main reports were divided into three streams and were held in parallel in separate halls. Presentations were divided by the level of report complexity - an introduction to the technology, reports for practicing engineers and hardcore coverage of the topic. The hardcore section of reports tends to be the most interesting. In addition to the main topics of the conference (.NET), there were several reports on general and scientific topics.



“I especially liked discussion areas of the conference.
In this special zone, all participants can endlessly communicate
with each other and with the speakers after presentations.”


Viktor Shapovalov,
Senior Software Engineer, Singularis Lab



In addition, during breaks, there were small five-minute reports in the coffee break zones. There, the program of reports was compiled on the spot and anyone could declare the topic.


Our leading software engineer Alexey Zhuravlev with a trophy sweatshirt.


The space allocated for sponsors and partners of the event should not be overlooked. In the breaks between the main reports, it was possible to participate in draw games, solve problems, and communicate with participants. One of the previous Dotnext had its own bookstore with IT classics presented therein.




“I like this format of the conference. Here you may plunge into the IT crowd.
In addition, events from organizers and sponsors do not let you get bored.”


Natalia Usacheva,
Software Engineer, Singularis Lab






DotNext has come to an end, and the summer is in full swing. It's vacation time. The conference period will not start until September. By this time, having gained strength, the singular team will be ready for new achievements.

Stay tuned so you don't miss anything. And may the Force be with you!