Global Detection

publication date: August 21, 2020


This week, our team has added a new achievement to the collection.
Alexey Filimonov and Oleg Shapovalov won the silver in a computer vision competition
related to plant phenotyping.

Global Wheat Detection is a competition from the organizers of the Computer Vision
Problems in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP) Seminar at the European Conference on Computer
Vision (ECCV) 2020 held on August 28 th , 2020.

The participants had to solve the problem of detecting wheat heads and how to accurately
highlight their exact location in the picture using a bounding frame.

Over 3000 outdoor pictures of different wheat types from Europe (France, Great Britain,
Switzerland), North America (Canada), Australia, Japan and China were used in the

Congratulations to Alexey and Oleg on their great result!