Quantum News

publication date: March 1, 2021

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Singularis Lab engineer Mikhail Ryabinin took part in the ICPC Quantum Computing Challenge, powered by IBM Quantum. This is one of the major pilot competitions. Its main goal is to popularize quantum informatics.

Quantum informatics is a direction at the forefront of the development of science. Like quantum physics, it completely changes the perception of familiar things and eliminates the classical view of the world.

It takes several years to solve some computationally complex problems using classical algorithms. But with the help of quantum algorithms, you can solve the same problems in a few hours.

The participants had to solve 3 tasks using quantum algorithms. We congratulate Mikhail who has shown a decent result by taking a place in the middle of the tournament table. 

Also, March 1 is the day of cats in Russia. Therefore, we congratulate everyone on the day of the cat. Schrödinger's quantum cat approves.