The qualification stage of the Quarter-Final of the ACM international collegiate programming contest was held in Volgograd STU

publication date: September 17, 2018

The qualifying stage of the Quarter-Final of the world programming championship ACM ICPC was held in 19 cities of our country on September 17.

More than 200 teams from the Volga and South region fought for the right to enter the Quarter-Final, but only 40 will go further.

Through the merits of their teams in the past, Volgograd State Technical University for the second time was awarded to be one of the regional sites of 1/4 ACM ICPC Quarterfinal.

We would like to note that Singularis Lab engineers for the last 15 years are both participants and coaches for the teams of Volgograd STU - that's why it's doubly pleasant that among the 40 teams, that passed through, there are 2 teams represent “backbone” university of our region.

The results of the Southern subregion is available under the link.

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