Intership 2021. Mission Complete

publication date: September 6, 2021

The closing of the 2021 Internship took place last week on August 31st. The interns made a presentation of the project, which they had been working on for three months. 

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Since June 1st, 5 interns have appeared in Singularis Lab, who worked together on one project - Mood Keeper. Each intern had his own area of ​​responsibility: backend, frontend, CV / ML, testing and project management.


Mood Keeper is a workflow gamification system. The purpose of the development is to increase the motivation of employees and the involvement of the team in office life. Mood Keeper detects the mood and actions of the team in the office using computer vision, collects information from GitLab and assigns achievements to each employee. For example, the achievement “no light, no dawn” is awarded to the one who arrives at the office before everyone else, and the “King of commits” is the one who left the most commits in a day. All information is published on the corporate network and on the plasma installed in our office.


Each intern had his own mentor, who conducted training in his own direction and helped the intern in solving project problems. In addition to individual training, Singularis Lab engineers held general lectures for the entire team of interns, sharing their experience in their projects.

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Singularis Lab was the customer of the project. Every 2 weeks the team of interns carried out a progress report in front of the entire singular team.

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The final presentation with a demonstration of the system's capabilities was held on August 31. Mood Keeper was introduced to the team and put into operation. The Interns and mentors breathed a sigh of relief, after which they began to eliminate the festive meal and try on T-shirts with the project's logo.

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Many thanks to the interns for the implementation of the project! Thanks to the mentors and everyone who took part in organizing the internship! It was a great internship season. Looking forward to internship 2022.

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