VIII Summer school on high performance computing in computer vision in Innopolis

publication date: August 23, 2016

Last week VIII Summer school MIPT-Innopolis university on high performance computing in computer vision has finished its work. Classes started on August 15 and lasted for exactly one week. Participation in the school was attended by students of older years of Russian technical universities. The event was held in the 4th time on the basis of Innopolis University supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Every year the organizers invite foreign and Russian speakers, professors of leading Russian universities and employees of IT companies. This year the advisor for Science and Technology of the Embassy of India in Moscow, Dr. Abhishek Vashj attended the event.

Singularis Lab company was invited to conduct lectures and workshops on the module "Computer vision". In addition to daily classes and practical exercises, our team has prepared hackaton on computer vision for students. On Friday, on completion of the training program, students began to prepare for the competition and were distributed on teams. The competition was attended by 11 teams consisting of up to 3 people. Hackaton participants had to develop a system in the field of pattern recognition, image processing or image filtering for two days. As a result, the students gave presentations of their systems, and the team that presented the most successful projects were awarded with valuable prizes. On the last day of school results of the competition were announced, and the best works became recognized as follows:

  1. "Recognition of the Rubik's Cube" (Dmitri Dolgov - CFI, Kolganov Nikita - MIPT, Mikheev Nikita - MSU) (pdf)

  2. "The implementation of gesture computer control" (Victor Yurchenko, Arthur Rahmatullin) (pdf)

  3. "The definition of a safe landing zones for drones" (Fedor Kitashev) (pdf)

Materials of lectures and practical classes Singularis Lab is available on the link

The interview with our collegues at the article "Small businesses have a chance to shoot in the field of computer vision".

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