Our engineer’s lectures at the seminar of Intel Summer Internship 2018

publication date: August 30, 2018

The R & D center of Intel in Nizhny Novgorod has been conducting a summer youth internship for several years already. Annually students of technical universities, who have been selected, take part in the development of Intel real projects and listen to lectures of specialists from leading Russian companies.The main directions of this year are high-performance computing systems, media processing and computer graphics, large data analysis, computer vision, the use of neural networks, machine learning, Deep Learning in the development of ready-made solutions and applications etc.

Our software engineers Alexander Kataev and Alexey Alekseev had been invited to lecture in the direction of machine learning. The themes of our employees were as follows:

  • Deep Learning for image generation

  • Search and identification of pictures.

Both reports reveal the peculiarities of using machine learning in working with images, the possibility of searching, comparing and generating new objects. Specific examples, types of approaches to learning networks, sources for self-study were considered.

Presentations will soon be available in the materials section.