publication date: May 29, 2020


During the period of self-imposed isolation, the mankind has found itself in online environments. The Internet has become the main venue for all spring events. The singular unit of the  iT-34 community team was ready for new realities of the pandemic. And Code Game Challenge 2020 has become one of the first online events.


What does CGC mean

Competitions in the Code Game Challenge format are competitions in writing a strategy of behavior (most directly, artificial intelligence) for a certain emulated world.

The participants need a computer with the following:

— development environments;

— software for sending decisions and viewing results allowing one to send his/her solution to the server and view the simulation results.

— clear strategy file (the managed unit stands still) with all connected libraries

The participants forward the solution to the server for compilation. After this, the strategies' oppositions are demonstrated and their quality is assessed. For this purpose, there is a special displaying module that can simulate battles between the units.

The fight simulation is turn-based as time in the game world is discrete. Each turn the simulator polls game strategies. Strategies, in turn, fill in some structure that describes the “desires” of an active unit, after which its values are adjusted to limitations and applied.

 Our employees are very experienced in participating in various CGCs. Therefore, Singularis Lab engineers Anatoly Kryzhanovsky and Lev Borodinov got the idea to develop their own platform for holding such competitions within the company.

As a result, Singularis CGC is by now a good annual tradition that we wanted to share with subscribers of the iT-34 community.


Ready. Steady…

Immediately after the event announcement, the first preparations began on the iT-34 page. The providers' team had to think through the rules, prepare the platform, organize collection of applications and inform the subscribers.

When the registration was opened, applications for participation began to arrive.

The day before the “day X”, the participants received competition rules that describe the game world physics, determine the main constants (maximum acceleration, for example) and provide an API for managing units and interacting with the outside world.

No complicated algorithms or in-depth knowledge about machine learning or neural networks was required. The participants had to have nothing more but:

  1. basic skills to work with C++ and C#
  2. a bit of school trigonometry
  3. imagination
  4. computer.



On the day of the tournament, April 26, a short briefing was held in the voice chat for the participants, after which all 25 commanders began implementing their strategies.

During the strategy development, the participants could send as many decisions to the server as one wanted. The last decision sent by the participant was taken as the final version of the strategy and was admitted to the tournament.

Each strategy was unique in its own way, so the audience was interested to watch each fight. Even commentators were so passionate that they forgot from time to time to broadcast the tournament.

After testing the strategies, 3 winners were determined:

  1. Andrey Vorobyov
  2. Ilya Goncharov
  3. Andrey Serov.

Singularis Lab, Sperasoft and EPAM sponsored the iT-34 CGC, providing the winners with cool and relevant contactless prizes.

It was a remarkably interesting experience for the providers. On behalf of the iT-34 team singular unit we once again thank the community subscribers for their support, kind words, and also a lot of positive emotions on the day of the tournament. And, of course, many thanks to all the commanders for participating in the competitions!



The era of online events continues. Please, wait for us at the upcoming iT-34 online meetings! And may the Force be with you! :)