We invite you to IT Meetup #3

publication date: July 17, 2018

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On July 21, at the IT-34 Community’s third meetup, our specialist Oleg Shapovalov will present his lecture on the experience of using Docker.

At the event, in addition to the Oleg’s speech, there will be presented lectures, focused on relevant for the information community topics.

• Features of remote work in IT (Maxim Gatilin, Soshace);

• Machine learning. Simply. (Alexey Shkarupa, INTERVALGA);

• Smart contracts of Solidity (Sergey Ukustov, Machine);

• Experience of using Docker (Oleg Shapovalov, Singularis Lab);

In addition to fascinating lectures, the participants will enjoy live communication with like-minded people and an inexpressible atmosphere.

Our representatives will be delighted to wait for you on this meeting.

Preliminary registration is required.