Lecture “Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies”

publication date: March 7, 2018

Singularis Lab engineers conducted a public lecture on "Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies" on March 4th. The lecture took place within the framework of "SciPopular" course of Intellectual Leisure School in the creative business space LOFT1890.

The lecturers talked what virtual and augmented reality were, reviewed the evolution of devices and software in this area, and demonstrated examples of the latest developments. Each of the participants could personally plunge into the augmented and virtual reality and felt the differences between those technologies. To do this, our engineers used Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality glasses, Hiper VRR virtual reality glasses, which worked with an Android-based smartphone and augmented reality demonstration application developed by our engineers. That application, using a smartphone camera, recognized the picture, "animated" and supplemented it with a detailed description.

Before the event, the organizers had held contests in social networks VKontakte and Instagram. The contest results were summed up directly at the lecture. The winners received virtual reality glasses Hiper VRS, Carl Sagan's book "The Demon-Haunted World" and souvenirs. And then all participants were invited to a coffee break to ask the lecturers questions directly, in informal atmosphere, and discuss the material heard.

Our company expresses great gratitude to the project Intellectual Leisure School and to its leader Daria Kudesina for the provided opportunity to conduct the lecture. Due to our common productive work, the hall of LOFT1890 was completely filled. And the lecture caused active feedback from the audience:

"I was curious to know how the VR and AR technologies had been developed. Technical problems that occurred during the lecture caused more fun than troubles. My wish is: do not give up! These lectures will be very useful, and, most importantly, interesting for many people" (Igor).

"I liked the detailed history talked by the lecturers, although public information was provided. I would like to hear a more detailed explanation about the technologies and more examples" (Konstantin).

"They told us superficial information about the technologies. There was little information about your company, and I would like to get to know more about your developments and projects" (Elena).

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