Invitation for the lecture “VR and AR technologies”

publication date: February 26, 2018

Lecture “Virtual and augmented reality technologies” will be held by Singularis Lab team and with the support of “School of Intellectual Leisure” in March 4th at 4:00 p.m.. The lecture will be conducted at Creative business space LOFT1890 in Volgograd.

Virtual (VR) and Augmented (AR) reality technologies have passed a long way, from giant rooms with multitude of wire-bound stands to compact devices. Our engineers will talk about the differences between VR and AR, about the history of augmented and virtual realities, problems that were overcome in the course of technology development and difficulties to be faced. The lecturers will demonstrate how these technologies are used not only in entertainment, but also for solving practical problems.

Registration is required for the visit. The number of seats is limited.

4march loft