Moscow International Workshop ACM ICPC 2017

publication date: November 23, 2017

The students of Volgograd State Technical University were trained for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in the meeting Moscow International Workshop ACM ICPC 2017. The Workshop was held at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) under the leadership of Laboratory for IT Education Development on November 7-16, 2017. This year Moscow Workshop celebrated its first jubilee - 5 years - and gathered 63 teams from 39 universities of 17 countries in one place, including two teams of VolgogradSTU:

  • #1: Nosov Artem, Penskoy Nikita, Kirienko Maksim Носов Артем;
  • #2: Kovalev Mikhail, Bulankin Dmitry, Kurylev Artem.

During all the training days of the Workshop the teams participated in five-hour contests, listened to lectures and solved the tasks. Among the lecturers there were:

  • Gleb Evstropov, a winner of the All-Russian Olympiad in Informatics 2010, a winner of the silver medal IOI 2010, a vice-champion of the world contest ACM ICPC 2014 (the 2nd place, gold medal);
  • Mikhail Tikhomirov, a research fellow at the Department of Innovation and High Technology, a coach of the MIPT teams who won gold medals (the 4th place) in World Final of ACM ICPC in 2016 and silver ones (the 5th place) - in 2017;
  • Vyacheslav Alipov, an employee at the company Yandex, one of the founders of voice assistant Alice and bronze medalist of World Final of ACM ICPC in 2014.

The training days were diluted with an entertainment program. In the evening students played board games and met participants of other teams. The tours in offices of such large IT companies as Yandex, Group and Huawei and the traditional excursion across Moscow were organized for the students on the weekend. Such format of the event helped to the students not only to learn from mentors, but also to share their personal experiences with other participants and to make useful contacts.

The teams of VolgogradSTU returned full of delight and the acquired knowledge. These students are already pride of VolgogradSTU and of all Volgograd region! We wish them inspiration, keeping a competitive spirit, performing at the semifinal of the World Programming Championship (NEERC 2017) successfully and reaching the Final!

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