OrgWeaver: Planning the second version

publication date: April 5, 2018

We have been supporting and releasing updates of the web application OrgWeaver for more than 5 years. The app was developed for our Norwegian partner BrightArch. This application is designed to simplify the work of HR specialists when reorganizing employees into a new structure.

During this time, the project has had many changes, including migration from the desktop to the web-version.

This year, the transition of the web application to the second version has been planned. So in the beginning of March our colleagues, Victor Shapovalov, Aleksey Zhuravlev and Dmitry Kryzhanovsky, took part in a three-day business meeting with CEO and CTO of BrightArch, Nick Peters and Tor Kielland, in Riga. During the negotiations, the new application functionality and the development terms of the next version was determined. Also the most important business requirements for the project were formulated.

OrgWeaver-meeting-1 OrgWeaver-meeting-2