Participation in SECR 2015

publication date: October 13, 2015

Singularis Lab engineers will participate in the Conference "Software Development"/ CEE-SECR 2015 in Moscow on October 22 – 23. At the conference our developers will make reports:

Also, the Singularis Lab engineers, Alexander Kataev and Aleksey Alekseev, will conduct a master class “Computer vision and augmented reality application development – now it is easy”. The current state of computer vision technology and tasks solved with them in real projects implemented by our team will be presented at the master class.

Alexander and Aleksey will show that the use of the capabilities of modern libraries can solve problems effectively in various areas: industrial automation, commerce, education, entertainment, communication and etc. During the master-class, the speakers will be helping to the participants to develop a simple application, detecting a predetermined marker in the video stream and using the augmented reality tools (OpenCV library). The application development will include the following steps:

  • Setting up the project,
  • Necessary background of OpenCV (main classes, work with the camera, etc.),
  • Search and location of the specified marker ("chessboard"),
  • Computation of marker distortion compared to normal position,
  • The image (video frame) distortion to align with a marker,
  • The combination of images from a webcam and a given image (video frame).

Run this example on a mobile device (OS Android) will be presented at the end.