A pilot course was completed

publication date: May 28, 2015

A pilot course on practical methods of .NET application development, which was conducted by engineers of Singularis Lab for the students of Volgograd State Technical University and interns of our company within three months, was completed.

The students were introduced to the theoretical and practical principles of designing .NET applications, the principles of designing classes in OOP, techniques of work with ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate. It was also told about the N-tier Dependency Inversion architecture, the process of creating WCF Web Services and parallelism in .NET. The students not only listened lectures, but also performed practical homeworks, and they delighted us with their success.

The materials of the lectures can be found on our website.

Students feedback:

"It was cool. I really liked the classes, which have contained a bit of theory and direct demonstration of this theory in practice. Previously, I have not seen this type of lectures, it made the best impression. Also, there was really impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere of the course. Overall rating of course is 5+." Roman, 1st year VSTU MSc.

"The lectures, which were held in Singularis Lab, were remembered, first of all, that it took place in a comfortable atmosphere and focused on the important stuff in our field - practice. I think these lectures are useful because they are read by people who are facing some problems in real working conditions. There was a particularly interesting moment when was an interactive discussion about results of a piece of code, such as "expectation and reality". This approach allowed to know that at some point I understood all completely different. And snacks allowed to walk or drive to the home and did not eat anyone along the way. :)" Eugene, 1st year VSTU MSc.