ACM ICPC 2012 Quarterfinal

publication date: October 19, 2012

October 16–20, the year of 2012, under the auspices of Saratov State University there were Quarterfinal competitions conducted in the Southern Subregion within the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. 62 collegial teams from the universities located in the Volga, Southern and North Caucasian Federal Districts took part in the above competitions this year. Based on the final results the Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU) teams came in 9th and 16th, and being awarded with the Second Class Honors the teams were qualified for the next semifinal round, scheduled for November 30–December 2 to be conducted in Saint-Petersburg.

Vladimir Chalyshev, our company developer is assigned to serve as the VSTU team coach this season, who used to be a legendary up-and-doing championship participant in the recent past. With his great efforts the Volgograd students were qualified for the International Final contest in 2011. The VSTU team management is also carried out by our company employees Alexander Kataev and Dmitry Kryzhanovskiy.

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