Student School on Robotics and Embedded Systems

publication date: July 10, 2012

On October 8 – 14, 2012 the youth school «Atomoshpere: Embedded Systems and Robotics – 2012» will take place at Computer Science Faculty of Volgograd State Technical University. The school is organized by Intel, Nizhny Novgorod Fund of Assistance to Education and Research and Saint-Petersburg State University. Our company plays here as one of the sponsors, and some of our colleagues will participate directly in the school arrangement.

The aim of the school is to familiarize the students and the young engineers with the advanced computer technology, namely, embedded system programming, its application in different areas, and use of the modern techniques and tools of high-performance computing.

The subject of the school is review of the recent achievements in embedded systems and robotics, discussion on their further development, and the cases of their practical applications. The professors of Saint-Petersburg State University and the Intel engineers will conduct the classes. The school agenda includes additional trainings on technological entrepreneurship and creative thinking, and also business tutorials and screenings of ideas for the further participation in the Intel contests. Taking part in Start-up Idea Contest, a student will have a chance both to demonstrate his / her innovative product idea and to get experts’ advice how to improve and complete it. The best idea authors will get the prizes and recommendations to participate in the Contest Final, which is going to take place in November 2012.

The students, master students and PhD students of Russian universities, interesting in Computer Science and technological entrepreneurship are invited to take part in the school. The participation is free.

All the participants will have grants for meals, the students form other cities also will have grants for accommodation.

The registration is open from July 9 till September 15. If you want to take part in the school, you have to register in the school Web-site and upload a filled application form.

To get more information you can contact Organizing Committee:

  • in Volgograd +7-905-332-84-87, (Kryzhanovskiy Dmitry);
  • in Nizhny Novgorod +7 (831) 296-94-91, (Fadina Larisa).

All additional information will be placed on the Web-site.

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