Silver and bronze

publication date: April 21, 2015

Our contester programmers pleased us again. At the Open SFU Contest, which passed on April 18 - 19 in Taganrog, the VSTU teams were awarded with silver and bronze medals. Team #1 (Vladislav Agafonov, Nozdrenkov Sergey, Ngo Nghia) has taken the 2nd place, team #2 (Gorbushin Igor, Kichatov Evgeny, Chan Hieu) has taken the third place. The team #3 has taken the 11th place; it is a very good result for the beginners.

Taking into account a very high status of SFU Contest and sophisticated level of the tasks, we can genuinely enjoy such great success. Our teams yielded only to the legionaries from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. And our, Alexander Kataev, though he participated of the competition, his absolute result was the 12th place – so on his own he rowed down twenty teams, which were located further in the standings!

The full results of the contest can be found here.

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