Singularis lab teammates at the international hackathon

publication date: October 26, 2018

On October 20, our employees, Vladislav Plotnikov and Oleg Borodin, took part in the Space Apps Challenge 2018, an annual international hackathon that captures cities and countries all around the world. In 2018, the event also was held in Moscow and our colleagues went exactly there.

The main theme of the Space Apps Challenge 2018 was the use of the latest technologies in machine learning and computer vision for a given topic - the study of climate change on Earth.

Upon arrival, our young specialists found like-minded people and formed a team. After choosing a catchy name, “Space Monkeys”, they picked up a project and got to work.

The goal of their project was to create programs for the early detection, localization, and prevention of forest fires. Time was extremely limited - so they had to work quickly and smoothly. Everyone in the team was responsible for a certain sector - front-end, back-end, mobile version development, etc.

As a result, they got an application that receives photos with reference to the place (geotagging) and constructs a specific fire map based on the received data. Such a service would certainly be useful in fighting fires in arid areas where fire from making huge risks.

Although the guys did not win prizes, participation in an event of this magnitude is an invaluable experience, which we hope will be useful to them in the future!