Singularis Lab team members in China!

publication date: January 22, 2019

At the end of last year, our team members Alexey Alekseev, Alexander Kataev, Oleg Shapovalov and Alexey Filimonov were invited by the contest organizers to an overview tour to China from December 16-21 for high results in the Huawei HonorCup Marathon competition

The program of the tour was very busy - 5 days, 3 cities, 2 company headquarters and many activities!

During a walk through the HQ, our engineers were able to look at the process of developing of modern smartphones. Also, during the tour, different labs were demonstrated for them. That labs used to test the sound, photo and video capabilities of smartphones.

Also, the department of the development of video surveillance systems were shown to the participants of the excursion.

The tour of our specialists also included visits to country’s large cities and sights - its well-known fact that China is famous not only for its cultural heritage, but also for the high-tech development of its megacities.

At the end of the program, our employees take part in a performance prepared by a modern theater team andl in a grand light show.

We are sure that after such rich tour, our employees gained new strength to participate in various contests and hope that they will be rewarded many times for their results in the future!

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