Singularis Lab specialists at Data Fest 2019 Moscow

publication date: June 10, 2019

On May 10 - 11 , the sixth Data Fest, organized by the Open Data Science community, was held on the territory of the Flacon design factory, which was visited by our employees: Alexander Kataev, Alexey Filimonov, Oleg Shapovalov, Alexey Alekseev and Yuliya Kireeva.


Data Fest is one of the conferences that brought together developers and engineers associated with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The festival program was divided into two days. May 10 was devoted to the study of data science (DS) and machine learning (ML) applications in various fields. May 11 was a scientific day, filled with a discussion of current research and engineering topics, visits to workshops, and a discussion of the new community formats.

There were workshops and 60 sections, which were divided into five main groups:

  • Business - important topics from business;
  • Industry - DS / ML application in the industry;
  • Engineering - technical sections on how it works;
  • Science - scientific sections on the hottest topics;
  • Community - the life of the IT-community and professionals.



Our employees visited many sections. There were presented various stands (for example, Mail.Ru, that demonstrated a photo sending application). During the festival, a photo-report was conducted; and people who had been registered on the Web-site took the photo present automatically. Avito made the platform where you could play a snake with AI and other players. The merch was given for the participation and the win. Cian also gave presents for the task solutions. All this created an atmosphere for communication with representatives of different companies, as well as exchange of experience.


Summing up, we can say that the guys liked the festival, there were many interesting reports, entertaining stands and of course a special thanks to the organizers for the good level of the event. The advantage of this festival is the possibility of free communication. At any stand there were always active dialogues, the guys were talking a lot with developers from other cities. And if the opportunity arises, they will visit it again.