Lectures of Singularis Lab engineers at "Roboschool+"

publication date: December 27, 2018

 On November 24, the 7th All-Russian School of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Creativity "RoboSchool +" ended in Volgograd. As part of the school program, Singularis Lab specialists gave lectures on the basics of machine learning and computer vision.

A large number of students from 14 universities of 13 regions of Russia took part in the school (including more than 40 nonresident students and postgraduates from universities such as Bauman Moscow State Technical University, KFU, UNN, SFU, NAFU, etc.) as well as Volgograd schoolchildren and college students.

As part of the school, 9 educational tracks were held, 6 hackathons were organized on the main tracks of the school and sports programming, a project competition for school participants and other events. A few dozen teachers from leading Russian universities took part in school’s program. In addition to lecturers from universities, lectures were presented by leading industry experts, including our employees Alexander Kataev and Alexey Alekseev. They presented the following lectures - “Fundamentals of Machine Learning” and “Introduction to Computer Vision and the OpenCV Library”.

During the first lecture, our experts told about machine learning, its history, principles of work at the top level, use in their projects and current results in the field.

The second lecture was dedicated to the main classical methods of computer vision, state-of-the-art solutions based on deep learning of convolutional neural networks.

After summarizing the hackathons and the project competition, the official closing of the school took place. Oksana Dean Oksana Alekseevna Avdeyuk, Guest Teacher, Associate Professor of the Computational Physics Department of the Faculty of Physics of St. Petersburg State University Sergei Andreyevich Nemnyugin and one of the school’s organizers, Associate Professor of the Electronics Department of computing machines and systems of VSTU Andrey Evgenievich Andreyev wished wished participants and organizers success in the future in the specialty and expanding horizons in general.

PDF-files of our lectures you can find here.