Singularis Lab engineers took part in the supercomputing conference in Germany

publication date: July 23, 2015

International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) has been held in Europe since 1986. This year the conference took place in Frankfurt on July 12 – 16. Our company didn’t miss the opportunity and participated in ISC High Performance 2015.

During the entire time of the event, the participants made presentations, took part in sections, training courses and workshops. And we are not spared this part of the conference, engineer of our company Victor Getmanskiy gave a presentation: "Optimizing the display of rank to the node program for MPI on large clusters." The report can be found on our website in the Materials.

Public part of the event was the largest supercomputer exhibition in Europe, which struck by its scale and diversity. In the exhibition halls everyone could find stands of the leading companies in the field of high performance computing, some of which you can see in the photo report below.

ISC2015-1 ISC2015-2 

ISC2015-3 ISC2015-5.jpg