TeamLead Conf 2019

publication date: April 1, 2019

At the end of February, our project manager, Yulia Kireeva, visited TeamLead Conf 2019 - conference for those, who want to move forward to a new level of team management.

The program of the event had various ways of experience exchange and included: reports, meetings, round tables, and as the most informal way of networking, a beer party on the end of the first day!

The main theses of the conference are: how to become a team leader, how to position yourself in a team, how to manage people without a headache.

The speakers were teamleaders of large-scale Russian and foreign companies, they willingly shared their experiences, demonstrating real-life cases that they used in practice. The topics of the reports and meetings were divided into the following subgroups:

  • Team management

  • Communications

  • Methodologies and processes

  • Team Leader in organization

  • Work on yourself

  • Transformational change

Following the trip, Julia would like to note for the informative and charismatic speeches following speakers:

  • Alexey Kataev, skyeng. Topic of the report “Motivation, delegation and automation: a recipe for creating a super team”
    Alexey tells about the experience of gaining teams - various approaches and practical advices how to work with your team, making it independent from the team leader.
  • Egor Tolstoy, Avito. Theme: “OKR: instructions for use”
    OKR has been used in Avito for 2.5 years. Through the prism of the gained experience, Egor examined practical cases of implementing and using OKR in various structures and teams.
  • “Employee retention: metrics and tools for managing performance and satisfaction” by Olga Prokhodskaya, Wargaming
    In her report, Olga talks about her experience in the Wargaming Platform in collecting data on the emotional state of employees, the transition of the entire team to the ongoing performance review process, and working towards the development of talents.

In addition to important and informative lectures, Julia also would like to focus on such a format as Workshop - “Experience as a game: manage conflict between teams,” from the CTF team.

During the workshop, participants had to try on the role of a conflict moderator and find a way out of the “hot” situation between the team parts. During the master class, the participants exchanged views and approaches to conflict resolution, tried themselves in the role of the lead group discussion.

Summing up, Julia received a lot of useful information and exchanged experiences with colleagues. We advise anyone interested in developing team management in their companies to attend the next conference TeamLead Conf in September in St. Petersburg.

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Shots from the conference

Photo source: official TeamLead Conf 2019 page.