Participation in Techweek 2022

publication date: June 8, 2022

From May 31 to June 1, the Singularis team took part in TECH WEEK 2022. To do this, we went from a cozy city on the Volga to Moscow, to Skolkovo.


What is TECH WEEK?

This is an annual conference and at the same time an exhibition of innovative technologies for business. A lot of company stands, lectures, master classes, networking (in various creative formats) - all this fits into three busy days.

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This time we had our booth with application demos, a large wind turbine mock-up and an instant camera to capture the cool moments of the event. And also a well-coordinated team that can answer any questions, only if it's not "The main question of life, the universe and all that."

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For the guests of the stand, we developed a special application for smartphones, which, using augmented reality, clearly demonstrated the work of the Farm Manager project. When it is used, a small drone appears near the model of the windmill, which flies and "tells" how the automated flaw detection of a wind generator works.

The main result is a lot of useful contacts. Now you need to quickly respond to colleagues. We look forward to new interesting projects!

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