The 4th All-Russian youth school on robotics completed

publication date: November 16, 2015

The 4th All-Russian youth school on robotics, embedded systems and computer vision took place at the Computer Science Institute of Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU), on November 9 - 13. It was the fourth time when we participated in its organization and conduction.

60 students participated in the school. Half of them were our guests from other cities: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Vladikavkaz, Stavropol. The participants were divided into three main sections: "Robotics and artificial intelligence", "Computer vision and machine learning" and "Embedded systems and the Internet of things". For five days, interesting lectures and workshops were being conducted by IT-experts.

Together with professors of St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Nizhny Novgorod State University and Volgograd State Technical University, the representatives of Intel Inc. and other companies, our engineers supervised several studies in two sections. In the section "Robotics and artificial intelligence" Singularis Lab engineers conducted several lectures: Kryzhanovsky Anatoly talked in detail about ROS, a framework for programming robots, Niklyaev Ilya held lectures on filtering sensor data and methods of navigation and localization in robotics. Also, Anatoly, Ilya and Lev Borodinov prepared lab works for students on "Managing a drone for flight on path" and "Management of wheeled robots with searching path". In the section "Computer vision and machine learning" Kataev Alexander and Alekseev Aleksey held lectures and lab works on the topics: "Introduction to computer vision. Sources and types of images, methods and technical tools for their processing" and "From pixel to meters, from stereo vision to depth cameras", and Filimonov Aleksey talked in detail about machine learning in computer vision.

One of the most expected events, prepared for the students, was the competition Robo Code Game Challenge. Conducting this competitions on programming gaming strategies became a tradition for Roboshool, but this year our engineers Anatoly and Lev prepared something new for the participants. The students had opportunity to manage the non-virtual robots and try their experience with real "iron". The participants demonstrated their skills in a battle of two autonomous robots. As a result three leading teams were awarded with prizes.

The Roboshool closing ceremony was held at the last working day of the school after the lessons. All the participants were awarded with certificates. Also, the students were awarded with diplomas and prizes for the best reports, active participation in panel discussions and other contests.

Traditionally, at the final part of the ceremony the organizing committee presented letters of thanks to the trainers, organizers and the volunteers, without whom the school would have been impossible.

Too see the Roboshcool’2015 materials you can visit the school official web-site, photos and testimonials can be seen in the school VKontakte group. Materials prepared by our engineers are also available on our web site in the section Papers.

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