The results of the IV VSTU championship on programming

publication date: October 31, 2016

On October 29, the IV VSTU championship on programming held in Volgograd State Technical University. As usual, our company acted as an official sponsor of the championship and the event organizer.

The competition was held by the rules of the international student competition ACM ICPC, which worked well for the past 30+ years. VSTU students of 1-4 courses were invited to participate in this event. The organizers prepared for students 9 tasks of varying complexity, which was proposed to solve for three hours.

29 people registered for the event, among which 9 students of the 1st year, 13 students of the 2nd year, 3 students of the 3rd and four of the 4th year. The participants made 164 submits of the 9 proposed tasks, 52 of which were successful. At the end of the competition the prize places were distributed as follows:

1st place and I degree diploma: Artyom Nosov, IVT-360, 9 tasks;

2nd place and II degree diploma: Michael Chalyshev, IVT-460, 5 tasks;

3rd place and II degree diploma: Mikhail Kovalev PRIN-266, 5 tasks;

4th place and III degree diploma: Ilya Istomin, IVT--260, 4 tasks;

5th place and III degree diploma: Dmitry Bulankin PRIN-266, 4 tasks;

6th place and III degree diploma: Pavel Vasilyev, IVT-260, 4 tasks.

All the winners received prizes from Singularis Lab and VSTU. Detailed results are available here.

More more information about the results of the event can be found in the official group Vkontakte.

We thank all members of the organizing committee for the preparation and conduct of the event and the students for their participation! See you next year!

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