Trip to Skolkovo Robotics

publication date: April 26, 2019

On April 16 our colleagues, Kataev Alexander and Kryzhanovskiy Dmitry, visited Skolkovo Innovation Center, where Skolkovo Robotics forum was held.

Skolkovo Robotics is the largest forum in Eastern Europe in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, which has been held since 2013. This year the forum program included various plenary sessions and discussions, thematic sessions, an exhibition, master classes, innovative shows and business meetings.


Exhibition Hall Skolkovo Robotics

The exhibition featured the displays in various areas of robotics:

  • Assistive robotics, incl. medical;
  • Components of robotics;
  • General Robotics;
  • Artificial Intelligence.

It can be noted that the ideas and technologies presented at the exhibition are not novel in the robotics market, but it is nice to realize that all of them are produced in Russia and are gradually being introduced into various branches of production.

Among the many projects we would like to highlight Geodron-ZHD 6 of the company "Shooting from the air" Ltd. This is an unmanned aerial vehicle for search and rescue off-shore, search for mammals and equipment, as well as assistance in emergency situations.


Geodron-ZhDM 6 of the company OOO "Shooting from the air"

The forum also held 80 sessions with the participation of more than 90 speakers. Our colleagues visited several of them: Robert Böhme spoke about the development of private space programs for subsequent exploitation on the Moon, and Sberbank employees presented a report on the future of unmanned delivery and the experience of air collection.


Underwater work robot