A programmer’s work day: a trip to wind generator farm from Amsterdam to Ostend

publication date: July 19, 2017

Recently engineers of Singularis Lab, Dmitry Kryzhanovskiy and Lev Borodinov, had a meeting with our partner, company Visual Working in the Netherlands and Belgium. They met to discuss the project on application development for detecting the defects on the wind turbines by using UAV. CEO at Visual Working, Mr. Paolo Brianzoni and his team welcomed Dmitry and Lev cordially.

Firstly, our engineers passed “Sea Survival Training” course, that was necessary for admission to sea vessels. The course included not only theoretical, but also practical exercises with the use of lifeboats, wetsuits and helicopter winches.

After passing the course our colleagues and Mr. Paolo Brianzoni arrived to Ostend, the largest Belgian seaport. There Dmitry and Lev met the other participants of the project. The team received the equipment and all the necessary instructions and plunged into the vessel to go to the sea to the wind turbines farm.

The Visual Working team, after having reached an object, showed operation of the current system and set a record by the number of the inspected wind generators per day. This outperformed the best world result, established by that time.

During the meeting, all important aspects of future development and the current partnership were discussed.

Negotiations Singularis Lab and Visual Working Singularis Lab and Visual Working in Ostend

Sea Survival Training Sea Survival Training

UAV Inspection UAV Inspection