UAV inspections in Switzerland

publication date: November 21, 2017

Two Singularis Lab engineers, Lev Borodinov and Shapovalov Oleg carried out field testing of the software for our partner Visual Working in Switzerland.

Visual Working is a Swiss company having expertise in aerial imaging and visual media production and specializing in wind turbine blades inspections with use of UAVs. Within the project we have been developing the system for detecting the defects on the wind turbines. Testing of our software, in particular testing of the flight management and video streaming modules was performed on this stage.

After arriving to the testing location, the Visual Working and Singularis Lab engineers carried out inspection of the equipment for flights and installed the developed software on the UAV. Then, together with Visual Working team, Lev and Oleg started field tests of the heavy drone used for inspection of the wind turbines. Spacious Alpine meadows didn't limit a flight of team’s imagination and drones. The work of our engineers on transmitting the video stream was not in vain! After several days of hard work with interruptions for delicacies of excellent local cuisine, the testing was successfully completed. Full of impressions, ideas and plans for further joint work, Lev and Oleg returned home. The paper about the tested video streaming is going to appear soon on Habrahabr blog.

UAV inspection Drone of Visual Working

Carrying out inspection of the UAV Correction of the drone wires

Visual Working office Singularis Lab team in Florence