Knowledge is Power, or Productive February in Singularis Lab

publication date: March 13, 2020

February was rich in conferences for the singular team. This month, our employees attended two events at once. Let's talk about each of them:


Teamlead at the maximum Level

Dmitry Kryzhanovsky and Alexei Zhuravlev attended the TeamLead Conf 2020 professional conference for teamleads.

As a result, our employees noted 3 interesting reports, which experience became useful for the teamleads of the singular team.


In his report "Autonomy, promises, trust and other principles of work of Vkusvill" Valery Razgulyayev spoke about the importance of mutual trust between employees. In addition to trust within the team, the importance of trust between partners was emphasized.

Mikhail Samarin continued the topic and shared the experience of Futurice, which confirms that trust between "You, the Project, the Team and the Customer" determines the success of any work.

Pavel Filonov from Kaspersky in his report "Managing individual development of team members" noted that the importance of personal growth is relevant at all times.

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In addition to the reports, partners' mounts with interesting contests and quizzes were also remarkable. But a significant advantage was the presence of a special discussion area, where participants could ask the speaker questions after his/her performance.




Volgograd Marketing Forum 2020 is a good opportunity to gain new knowledge, exchange contacts and find new potential partners for cooperation.

Our employees Anastasia Kotova, Yulia Agafonova and Roman Rаmsky noted several interesting performances of the Volgograd Marketing Forum 2020.


Practice Makes Perfect


It is impossible to replace a master of one's own craft. That is why the singular team was in a hurry to learn about "SMM that brings money" from Vladimir Lotsmanov. He told about his experience of conducting an advertising campaign for Papa John's pizzerias when opening in the suburbs of Moscow in a clear and useful manner.




Konstantin Zimin, a co-founder of the YobiDoyobi federal sushi and roll delivery network, told us the story of the struggle for the right to use its name and experience of using provocative marketing. There were no common phrases, but only the unique combination of words and amazing results of advertising campaigns of YobiDoyobi.


“This is the most fundamental thing” ©


Of course, participants also remember the speech of Sergei Polonsky, a famous entrepreneur and founder of the Mirax Group involved in the construction of Moscow City.

His report named "Global trends 2020" allowed us to touch on many fundamental and mostly philosophical topics. Sergei Polonsky talked about entrepreneurship in Russia and creative approach in business. It was really interesting to listen to him.


Spring is coming, which means that we are preparing for next conferences and meetups, which we will definitely attend. "To infinity and beyond!"

Good luck to everyone!