Week of Code - programming contest

publication date: July 5, 2022


We summed up the results of the internal programming competition - Week Of Code

During the week, in breaks between work tasks, our employees solved the tasks of the competition. Not only developers, but also other specialists could participate.

New day, new challenge. The faster you solve it, the less penalty points you get - 1 minute = 1 penalty point. Each attempt (even successful) = 20 penalty points.

The participant who solves the most problems wins. If the number of solved problems is equal, the participant with the fewest penalty points wins.

Tasks do not require a lot of time for coding, they provide an opportunity to switch and unwind. Several languages are available for the solution: C# (mono), C++ (c++14), Python (py3), JS (nodeJs).

Among the tasks are interactive, in which the application of the participants was tested on the server in an interactive mode.


The author of the problems and the organizer of the competition is Anatoly Kryzhanovsky. And Dmitry Kryzhanovsky helped solve problems before the competition and participated in their final analysis

This time, Viktor Shapovalov conquered the top of the Week of Code standings. Congratulations on your victory!

And we are waiting for new competitions ...

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Viktor Shapovalov in one of the mountain hikes with the flag of Singularis