XII annual conference CEE SECR

publication date: November 14, 2016

XII annual conference CEE SECR "Software Development" held in the capital in Digital October Center on October 28-29.

Traditionally, several of our engineers have gone on the conference to share their reports and take part in the hearing of reports of other speakers of Russia. This year Singualris Lab team presented 2 reports:

October 29 Senior Software Engineer Singularis Lab Alexander Kataev and software engineer Alexey Alekseev presented to the public workshop “Augmented reality markers recognition in real environment”.

The materials of the lectures and practical classes can be found on our website in the Materials

Singularis Lab on CEE SECR Software Development SECR Software Development, Popitich 

SECR Software Development, Kataev SECR Software Development, Nicklyaev

SECR Software Development Singularis Lab on CEE SECR Software Development