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The registration system of promotional events participants

Developed for: Advertising Agency “Advant” (OOO “Advant Plus”), Volgograd, Russia

Purpose: speeding up registration process of event participants

The system aims to speed up the registration process of event participants. The registration process consists of several stages: prerecording on the company’s site, getting the invitation, scanning of the invitation directly at the event and further getting a mark of registration. The user planning to attend the event chooses a date and time as well as enters one’s own registration data and receives the invite. At the event, the barcode generated on the user’s invitation is scanned using the Proton ICS-7100 scanner. The relevant mark is set in the database. The program also includes the control section, which provides the possibility of manual users registration directly at the event.


Client: Advertising Agency “Advant” (OOO “Advant Plus”), Volgograd, Russia
Area of use: organization of promotional activities
Type (platform): ASP.NET MVC-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: C#, .NET, NHibernate, ASP.NET MVC 3

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