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AR Drone

Singularis own project

Purpose: development of AR.Drone control unit

This project is a part of a large project devoted to the development of AR.Drone control unit. Since the targeted project will be developed for .NET, a quadrotor control library should be compatible with .NET technologies. The existing solutions do not comply with our requirements (in particular, they do not provide complete navigation data and access to command level), for this reason, we have decided to develop our own library.

A peculiarity of the given library is an entity named ‘script’. Since many actions (such as receiving a configuration from the drone, taking off, etc.) require running a series of routine commands, it makes sense to combine such commands for more frequent operations in a higher entity – a script.


Client: Singularis own project
Area of use: .NET library for AR.Drone control
Type (platform): AR.Drone, .NET
Technologies and algorithms in use: C#, .NET, AR.Drone
More information:

The project participated in the contest KiberVesna
The article is published on RoboCraft website

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