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Porting Caffe on OpenCL

Developed for: BitFusion, USA, Texas, Austin

Purpose: porting Caffe on OpenCL

The objective was to port Caffe using clBLAS instead of BLAS or cudaBLAS. In the course of the project, the architecture of Caffe library was studied, the wrappers of BLAS functions and the identical clBLAS function calls were created.


Client: BitFusion, USA, Texas, Austin
Area of use: the use of Caffe for neural networks creating using OpenGL
Type (platform): Linux x32/x64
Technologies and algorithms in use: clBLAS, clMathLibraries, OpenCL, Caffe

acceleration of Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) calculation procedure

a geometric kernel (3D) organized as a library for later use in CAD systems