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Comics Racing

Singularis market oriented product

Purpose: It is a race strategy for those who want not only to drive a racing car but also to put brain to good use

It is not a trivial race but a real race strategy for those who not only want to drive a race car but also to put one’s brain to work. The game is an imitation of a well-known from childhood paper and pencil racetrack game. The rules are rather simple. Cars are moved in turns along the squares of track. Everything seems so real: motion vector, speed of the race car, its acceleration and other parameters are taken into account at each step. In Comics Racing you can build your own career: to advance, to earn points and to get all possible achievements. By successfully completing one track you get access to the next one.

It is also possible to create multiplayers competition using one device, playing online or against artificial intelligence.

The graphics and the design of this game correspond to its historical past and the name of comics. The game not only captivates and entertains but also gets you to think and sometimes makes you smile.


Client: Singularis market oriented product
Area of use: games
Type (platform): Android
More information:

webpage on Android Market
webpage on satellite site Zomg Game Studio (game development division of the company)

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