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Farm Manager System

Developed for «Helvetis Inc.», Switzerland


industrial flaw detection automation

 Farm manager system is a tool for automating inspection of wind turbines for defects.

The solution is a web-based application developed on Microsoft Azure technologies that provides inspectors, defect specialists and wind farm owners with a common space to inspect wind turbines for operational defects.

The work of users in the system is organized within teams, which differ depending on the type of their activities:

  • The inspection team uploads a lot of photos of the inspected object to the portal, which are then automatically combined into a full-fledged image of the blade, or uploads the finished image immediately, after which the system can automatically check for defects;

  • To organize the work of a team of specialists on defects, a defect editor has been developed. In the editor, thanks to a large set of tools, specialists can mark and describe in detail the defects found, and then transfer the result to the owner of the wind farm;

  • The portal provides the team of wind farm owners with quick access to information on the inspection process and allows generating a report on the inspected wind turbines.

To ensure the confidentiality of the data of portal users, two-factor authentication is provided, based on confirming your account with a password and a code from an SMS or email message

The portal provides a flexible notification system, which includes:

  • a notification mechanism on the portal itself, which allows the user to always be aware of the changes that have occurred with the objects of interest, 

  • mechanism of notifications coming to the user's e-mail. 


Client: «Helvetis Inc.», Switzerland

Area of use: industrial flaw detection
Type (platform): WEB API-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: Back-end: Microsoft Azure, NHibernate, RabbitMQ, MS SQL, LiteDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Lucene, Web API, Twilio, Microservices, iTextSharp Front-end: Angular 4, OpenSeadragon, TypeScript Image processing: OpenCV, Caffe, Machine Learning

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