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Window and Door (Fenestration) Units Design

Developed for: OOO “TROCALSERVIS”(VOLMA – Volgograd gypsum plant), Russia, Volgograd

Purpose: window and door units design, ordering automation

To fulfill Client’s order, a user, Sales Manager, inputs window and door specifications, various parts configuration, etc. and eventually gets an automatic order cost estimate, order form printout and its export to Excel. The program has a large number of various settings providing flexibility to meet Customer’s requirements. The application enables automation of the Sales Manager work process. As a result, with the order processing time reduced and the rate increased, the company’s efficiency raises significantly.


Client: OOO “TROCALSERVIS”(VOLMA – Volgograd gypsum plant), Russia, Volgograd
Area of use: window and door units, construction, company operation automation
Type (platform): .NET-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, C#, ADO.NET, MS SQL, GDI+, Microsoft Excel, computational geometry

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