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Guitar tuner

Singularis market oriented product

Purpose: a guitar tuner (for tuning an acoustic guitar)

The program is a music tuner for devices running the Windows Mobile operating system. The implemented algorithm based on Fourier transform determines the sound frequency of guitar strings with the help of the built-in microphone. The program then generates clear and precise instructions on how to tune the guitar, for instance, tighten or loosen a string and how much. The program allows tuning a stringed instrument to any pitch. Due to the feature of saving and editing a variety of settings, it takes minimum time to retune a guitar.


Client: Singularis market oriented product
Area of use: entertainment and leisure
Type (platform): Windows Mobile
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET Compact, C#, C++, Windows Mobile, Fourier transform, sound processing
More information:

  • http://guicktuner.singularis-lab.com – the website with a detailed description of the program, its features, purchase terms and support
  • The system is patented, No. 2010611531 of February 24, 2010 (priority date is December 31, 2009)

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