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Developed for: GleemLabs, Madrid, Spain

Purpose: application for sharing videos with tactile effects (with social network elements)

It is well known that physical feelings caused by the environment during recording a media file can be presented and felt by the user through vibration patterns using controlled oscillator, which is present in most of modern mobile phones and tablets. Currently, these techniques are quite common among game developers in order to convey the elements of attacks in games (punches, kicks, explosions, etc.) to the player in the best way.


Client: GleemLabs, Madrid, Spain
Area of use: adding sounds and tactile patterns to the visual information on the screen of a smartphone
Type (platform): Android 4.3 or newer; Windows, IIS, MS SQL
Technologies and algorithms in use: WCF, Android, work with hardware codecs on Android platform, DSP (program), NDK, Facebook SDK
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