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Mobile Housing and Communal Services (HCS)

Developed for: «School of literate consumer», Moscow, Russia

Purpose: mobile application to simplify and systematize access to information about the work of Housing and Communal Services (HCS)

The system is designed to facilitate the search for information on the work of HCS and increase consumer literacy.

In addition to reference information about open and closed hours and contacts of the services, the system provides access to the instructions describing the steps in a particular situation (problems with water supply or central heating, questions of yard areas, etc.).

Through the use of Xamarin technology, most of the code is the same for both platforms (iOS and Android). Only UI components are separate as each system has its own guidelines.

The content of the system is filled with the help of the administration client, which is a website.

At startup, clients check for updates, so the data are always relevant, but at the same time, the system can operate without Internet access.


Client: «School of literate consumer», Moscow, Russia
Area of use: Housing and Communal Services
Type (platform): Mobile application for iOS and Android devices
Technologies and algorithms in use: Xamarin, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, MS SQL, SQLite, RestSharp, Flurry Analytics

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