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A pilot project developed within Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011

Purpose: Buddy Care organization system

Everyone occasionally needs other people’s help – more often or less, however, no one likes asking for help. Should an opportunity of asking the whole community for help and getting it from a specific person be translated into action, the barrier will disappear on its own, and people will band together to solve a particular problem. A so-called “Kindly” service (”Dobryashka”) was suggested by us to put this idea into life. The service highlights are the following. Let us suppose that you have a puncture while riding a bicycle and there is no patch or an spare tire handy. Using the “Kindly” service your problem may be solved the following way:  you send a request for help by spelling out the details of your problem, indicating your location and remuneration for someone’s assistance. Another system user being close to you receives a notification and offers his assistance if desired. After receiving his reply, you may talk over the details with your “lifesaver”. Your request then is turned to the “in-process” status. Upon receipt of the relevant aid, you close the issue and your lifesaver gets the agreed-upon remuneration. The remuneration is a particular number of “kindness points” to be transferred to the saver’s account.

The service provides sanctions against users, in case they violate their commitments or break the system operation. In case you do not receive the promised aid, you are entitled to notify the system administrators. Besides, you may specify the quality of service. The quality level will affect the helping user’s rating.

The system consists of the following parts:

  • The server part is a web service intended for the storage of information on aid requests and users’ data as well as for the implementation of the system’ internal logic.
  • User mobile client
  • User web client (for work on the desktop computer)
  • Administration client is an ASP.NET MVC application allowing the management of system settings and user profiles.


Client: a pilot project developed within Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011
Area of use: improving the quality of life, social activity
Type (platform): a cross-platform system that includes Administrator and User Web-clients and User mobile client
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, .NET Compact, Windows Mobile, WCF, MS SQL, Entity Framework CTP, Prism, F#, Bing Maps
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