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Image enhancement using Fourier transform

Developed for: Intelligent Imaging Solutions GmbH, Germany, Tübingen

Purpose: fast implementation of the direct and inverse Fourier transform (for later use in image processing)

Status: a completed development (July 2012)

The given development is a C++ library implementing the direct and inverse window Fourier transform. A 2D image is enhanced with one grey color channel due to the library functions (grey scale). A user may indicate the filter window size, overlap and window indentation. Two window functions are implemented in the library – a rectangular window and Bartlett-Hann window.

The library can be used while developing digital imaging applications, from basic viewer tools to complex graphic editor programs, such as Adobe Photoshop.
Supported operating systems: Windows (7 and higher), Mac OS X (10.7 and higher).


Client: Intelligent Imaging Solutions GmbH, Germany, Tübingen
Area of use: image processing, Fourier transform
Type (platform): C++-library (with the versions compatible with Windows and Mac OS X)
Technologies and algorithms in use: C++, Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL), fast Fourier transform

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