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Mobile phones for visually impaired people

Developed for: GleemLabs, Spain

Purpose: assistance in the use of mobile phones by visually impaired people

The program aims to assist in the use of smartphones by people with vision disorders. TouchOver technology is used to solve this task. The essence of the technology is in the use of the smartphone’s vibrating motor capabilities for generating predefined vibration patterns and text2voice technology for transferring graphic information. The program provides the use of a virtual Braille's line to read texts.


Client: GleemLabs, Spain
Area of use: adding visual information on the smartphone’s screen with the sound and tactile images
Type (platform): Android
Technologies and algorithms in use: Android, Java, work with sensors, TouchOver, text2voice

application for sharing videos with tactile effects (with social network elements)

detecting hits made with a laser rifle on a target of type 8 and scoring